A Couples Massage Makes A Perfect Gift!

A couples massage done in the same room is fun and exciting experience. Its also a great way to introduce someone new to massage therapy!

Couples can be married, life partners, mother & daughters, or friends.

These massages take place in our couples room, you and your partner will be comfortably suited in the same room on massage tables that have heated pads. Plus your room is set with candles and aromatherapy to calm your senses. Your massages will be conducted by professional massage therapists who will design your session according to your individual needs. So book your couples same room massage by calling our office today at 408 247-1169 to schedule one!

We offer couples (same room) massage at Roman Paradigm Massage & Therapy in San JoseEven though the massages are in the same room, each of you get the focus work which your body desires. To make sure each of you still receive adequate attention, your massages are 75 minutes each.

Hot stones and aromatherapy can be added to the sessions. This is a deeply relaxing and connecting of those who are being massaged. This makes a great birthday gift, anniversary or for any occasion so buy a massage gift certificate today. And did you know that we are a “KRON 4 best of the bay” business.

What to do before, during, and after your couples massage

Before your massage, take a hot bath to relax and warm up, your muscles. Discuss with each other how much talking, you both want to do during the massage session. Some couples find that one talks more than another and it’s not relaxing to have conversations going on while you are trying to relax and get a massage.

During your massage, feel free to convey to the therapist the pressure you prefer or anything that is uncomfortable. If you both prefer to talk to each other, please keep the conversation to the minimum as it may disturb the flow of the massage.

After your massage, take few moments to just relax on the table and soak in the experience. Get dressed and come outside, we will have a bottle water waiting for you. And we are within walking distance of Santana Row.


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