A Not So Mother’s Day Story

“Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind.” Kahlil Gibran

Indian and brought up Hindu, I found that my culture has a lot of traditions. Traditions make up our beliefs and values. This is where the phrase “Mother Cow” comes to play a part because a cow’s milk is the next best thing to a mother’s milk for an infant. Without it, an infant will not survive if their mother is unable to nurse.

Such case was true for me. When I was born, my mother got extremely sick with high blood pressure and onset of diabetes due to pregnancy. Her hands were so swollen from all the IVs that she could not lift me up. At this moment, her sister who had a baby six months prior came to visit us.

Seeing my mom’s health not at its best, my aunt devoted breastfeeding me for three days until my mom was able to nurse me. Needless to say, my first Mom was my Aunt, my second Mom was my mother and third Mom was “Mother Cow.” When my brother was born five years later, he went through the same process.

So, a ritual was created by my mother that on Mother’s Day, both my brother and I have to show respect to my Aunt prior to my mother. Each year we send a present or some money to my Aunt back in Fiji but this year, it’s a bit different. Her husband passed away at the tender age of 48 in November of 2011 and she is not feeling all that great.

This year my brother and I vowed that we will go visit her in October and participate in my Uncle’s year death memorial. At this point, we are also going to get her sponsored and bring her to the States for a little bit so we can truly share our love with her.

If you have someone in your life who has nursed you, perhaps you may consider adopting her as a Mom. 

Written by: Doreen Jattan









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