Local Yelp Reviews – Our Greatest Compliment!

This review is for Dr. Sage, who is a naturopath in addition to a massage therapist.

“Last week I called with an urgent lower back issue and Dr. Sage was able to fit me in for a 50-minute massage the same day. A back muscle was in constant spasm, and moving the wrong way caused nearly unbearable pain. I had to be driven to RPM; I could not really walk, or drive.

Dr. Sage asked some key questions before the massage and listened very carefully. She was oh-so-patient as it took forever to situate my body on the table. Like watching paint dry!

We did not know the root cause of the pain and the most important thing about this whole experience is, she did no harm. Dr. Sage really knows her stuff and is a true professional. She ended up giving me two massages with hot stones (and heat on the table) on two consecutive days. She “read” what was going on with my hip/back and knew exactly where to apply pressure, and how much.

After each massage there was soreness but later more relief. She helped me use ibuprofen strategically, and then stop when it wasn’t needed anymore. She also advised me on how to use heat and cold packs to ease the pain. All her advice seemed to yield results for me. Very knowledgeable and compassionate.

3 days later I was able to drive myself back to RPM to see Dr. Friedman for an osteopathic consultation and adjustment. If you have back issues or just need a therapeutic massage, get acquainted with the folks at RPM. They’re the best I’ve found in the South Bay.

Elaine A.

Mountain View, Ca. ”







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