A Mother’s Day Poem By Doreen Jattan

This Mother’s Day, Doreen Jattan; A New Mother Herself, Wrote An Original Poem Titled, “Mom”


Such little thought put into this word,

Yet so much comes from a MOM.


Mom, you are an epiphany,

Someone who senses our goods and fears,

To help guide us through our own obstacles

And find the strong being we are meant to be.







Your love, care and devotion to the title “MOM”

Far suppresses any other yet weighs the heaviest

Single Moms, Fulltime Moms, Birth Moms, Surrogate Moms,

Are just few titles that make up GREAT MOMS.


Long long nights, short stressful days,

Sick days, bad hair days, happy days,

Falls, trips and booboos to be kissed,

Never will she give up this title – MOM


Honor, cherish and share some time together,

As your mom is most precious and sacrifices all,

The Universe needed help

So Moms were created.


Written by: Doreen Jattan










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