Join Us For Our Massage Grand Re-Opening In San Jose

Grand opening Roman Paradigm Massage

Come Celebrate With Us! Free Massages, Food and Wine! Also Come Meet Some Of Your San Francisco 49ers! Many supporters of Roman Paradigm Massage & Therapy over the last 8.5 years would testify that the company is always thinking of ways to help the community. It’s not a surprise that after relocating their practice to a new location as of December 1, 2013, Roman Paradigm Massage & Therapy sought out yet another charity to support during their Grand Re-Opening. Friends suggested to look into the Police Activities League and seeing how much they need support of the community, Doreen … [Read more...]

Freaky Fat Loss for Charity Workout

lifeSport Fitness in San Jose4

On Saturday, October 26th in Willow Glen, lifeSport Fitness, will hold their 5th annual “Freaky Fat Loss” Halloween workout for charity! Its a Total Body PUMP-kin Workout! This event is put on annually by Bay Area native and fitness expert, Becky Williamson. Becky is the owner of lifeSport Fitness in San Jose, a company that has experience at the helm, customer service as a mission, and customer results as its #1 priority. This annual event is one of the ways she and her team give back to their local community. Participants are encouraged to dress up in their Halloween costumes and get a … [Read more...]

Know Your Massage Therapist, Jocko Giacomelli – No longer with RPM

Jocko San Jose massage therapist

The Purpose Of His Massage Work Is To Get You To Live With Less Pain And To Help You Move Better! Jocko considers himself a cartoonist and songwriter in his leisure time, but massage therapy and bodywork is his career choice, his vocation, and what he calls on to do to contribute to society. He never lose sight of the fact that his chosen path is to literally help people improve their sense of well-being, live, unfolding in real time. He finds it very rewarding when people who are extremely tense and stressed out let go and release pent-up frustration and emotions. He likes to think of … [Read more...]

Try Chiropractic And Massage Therapy For Optimal Health!

massage and chiropractic 2

Chiropractic Care And Massage Therapy Treat Pain And Dysfunction Holistically! They Both Extend The Benefits Of Each Other! Massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments are both old and proven remedies for keeping the body stress-free and in good health. But what is new is that chiropractors and massage therapists are beginning to work together to combine both therapies, stating that both combined make for a more thorough and quick recovery health care program. But what is the difference between chiropractic care and massage therapy? And more important, why is combing the two becoming more … [Read more...]

My First Cadaver Lab Experience!

Human anatomy

For All Souls To Return To Earth, They Must Have A Free Spirit! My belief To have a free spirit a soul must have had their body at rest after death. This was the what I learned from my Hindu upbringing. So for many years, my belief was that if a person is not given a proper burial or cremated and set free, their spirits still roam the earth. Pretty scary stuff! For seventeen plus years, I have been dreading the idea of being in a room filled with Cadavers. When I got an email from AMTA stating they are having opportunities for AMTA members and non-members to attend a four hour cadaver … [Read more...]

Know Your Massage Therapist, Liz Medina

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Cervical Or Neck Pain Is Often Caused By An Upper-Crossed Syndrome! Correcting This Muscular Imbalance Is Critical For Long Term Relief! Liz Medina graduated from National Holistic Institute, where she also studied advanced neuromuscular therapy and gained extensive knowledge about the anatomy of the body. She enjoys doing trigger point work as well as deep tissue work. The neck is her favorite part of the body to work on, however, Liz is well-versed with the mechanics of the rest of the body and does provide whole-body massage therapy. Liz also often shares with her clients on how massage … [Read more...]

Know Our Front Desk Staff, Kelsea Eddy

Kelsea Eddy Roman Paradigm Front desk Coordinator

Our Massage Business Would Not Operate As Well As It Does Without Her! Kelsea Eddy has been with Roman Paradigm Massage since 2011,  she is the front desk coordinator! This is a critical role that helps keep the office running smoothly and she also manages the scheduling and all the massage events and business projects here. NuSkin Galvanic Technician: In-addition, she helps clients to improve their skin's health in her role as a NuSkin Galvanic Technician. Her efforts in providing galvanic treatments help to soften and tone both facial and body skin. Kelsea's skills as a Galvanic … [Read more...]

Know Your Massage Therapist, Blanca Panagopoulous

Massage Therapist Blanca Panagopoulous

Muscle Tightness Can Lead To Fatigue And Stress! Imagine Walking Up A Flight Of Stairs Wearing Jeans That Are Too Tight! Muscle imbalance in todays society is compounded by stress, fatigue, and insufficient movement through regular physical activity as well as a alack of variety of movement - See more at: Muscle imbalance in todays society is compounded by stress, fatigue, and insufficient movement through regular physical activity as well as a alack of variety of movement - See more at: … [Read more...]

Know Your Massage Therapist, Matt O’ Brien

Massage Therapist, Matt O' Brien

Stress Causes Postural Distortions In Your Body And This Eventually Leads To Pain And Injuries! Matt O'Brien grew up in Campbell, California. He joined the US Navy as a Military Police Officer upon graduating from Westmont High School. After serving overseas in Kuwait, Bahrain, and the United Emirates, Matt returned home and began his journey towards becoming a Massage Therapist. Matt's massage style is very clinical in nature, he is looking for postural dysfunctions in your body. He may even ask you to do a quick functional movement assessment before your massage to look for movement … [Read more...]

Running Injuries, Its Not “If” Its “When” You Get One!

Prevent running injuries

Prevent Running Injuries Before They Happen! Prevention is the key to minimizing injury downtime. But how do you prevent a running injury? Great question! Common running injuries include tendonitis, illiotibial band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee and shin splints. They have many causes, which can often be addressed when you get screened for potential postural and movement dysfunctions that will eventually contribute to your running injury. Our massage therapists with our network of referrals can prevent injuries by identifying potential problems before they occur. But if you … [Read more...]