New Customers

Your massage with Roman Paradigm Massage & Therapy will be a memorable one.

We take pride in the fact that our massage facility looks and feels great for both male and female clients. You can feel confident that our therapeutic bodywork will be exactly what you need. We do ask all of our first-time-clients to book our standard 75 minute massage session.

There are two reasons for this…

  1. To qualify for our 100% money back guarantee
  2. For us to properly evaluate your body’s needs and how we can help. Anything less is just NOT enough time to do both

Call us first if you have any special concerns or are not just quite sure what type of massage to choose. We will match you with the best therapist that can treat your symptoms. Please be aware that our 60 minute massage sessions are not full body. We reserve our 60 minute sessions to either upper body or lower concentration. Please express to your therapists if you prefer to have any problematic areas worked on.

Massage Treatment Rooms

Our lobby is furnished with a beautiful salt water tank. Once you are greeted and welcomed, you will be taken to our lobby to relax in comfort while your therapist preps your room. Each room is equipped with a premium massage table and heating pad with custom foam padding that have cut-outs for women who have large breasts. Each room has a hot cabbie to hold Hot Stones or Hot Towels. We also offer you the opportunity to bring in your own Ipod with your favorite mix of music. Soft lighting and music can be experienced as soon as you enter the rooms.

Before Your First Session

It is recommended that you come in 15 minutes early to fill out our client evaluation sheet, relax and to use the restroom. Also you want to start hydrating yourself with water at least 24 hours before your massage session.

This is important because the therapeutic bodywork which is provided by our therapists may cause slight soreness and water is critically important for reducing this affect. This also helps your therapists to move toxins through your lymph much easier, thus getting better results from your massage.

If you are coming straight from work and you think that you will be late please call us and we will make every effort to offer you your full session still. No shower facilities are provided at this time.

During Your Session

Since each therapist and client we get on our table is different, we request that you communicate to you therapist whether the pressure is too light or too heavy. Remember, the therapist can only estimate what your body needs, you still control the massage by properly alerting the therapist of any discomfort. Please understand that our Sports Therapy and Clinical massages can be a little painful at times. If pain is not desirable, we recommend the Relaxation massage.

As a special treat to our clients, we have made it possible for you to bring in your own Ipod with your favorite massage music to be played during your massage session. Please indicate to us before hand in your note section that you will be bringing in your own Ipod, so that we can set it up prior to your massage appointment.

After Your Session

As your therapist finishes your session, he/she will ask for you to take your time getting up from the table. Please do take a moment so that you can absorb your massage. You may feel lightheaded from the massage so do take your time. As you come out, your therapist will have some water ready for you.

Important Advice: Please drink plenty of water the day of and the day after your massage. Your body will try to rid itself of any toxins which were released during your therapeutic session. Water will  help to reduce any muscle soreness that you may feel from your massage session. A nice Epsom salt soak in your bath tub will also help to enhance your massage session.

We do sell Epsom Salt at Roman Paradigm Massage & Therapy. we stock Dr. Teal’s brand. It has a wonderful scent and you can choose from lavender or Eucalyptus. You can buy some at your local drug store as well.

Additional Information:

“Tips On How To Get The Most From Your Massage”

Important detail: Some of our clients have experienced bruising from Clinical and Sports therapy massages. These 2 types of massages can cause this, so if this is NOT a desired outcome of your massage session please say something to the front desk personnel, in your notes and to your therapist.