Swedish Massage And Its Benefits To Your Health!

Swedish massage benefits

A Swedish Massage Can Improve Your Emotional Well-being, Help Your Sleep Better And Boost Your Immune System! A recent study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine examined the effects of one session of Swedish massage therapy—a form of massage using long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration, and tapping—on the body’s hormonal response and immune function. These preliminary data led the researchers to conclude that a single session of Swedish massage produces measurable biological effects and may have an effect on the immune system. What Is A … [Read more...]

Local Yelp Reviews – Our Greatest Compliment!

5 Star Yelp Review San Jose massage

This review is for Dr. Sage, who is a naturopath in addition to a massage therapist. "Last week I called with an urgent lower back issue and Dr. Sage was able to fit me in for a 50-minute massage the same day. A back muscle was in constant spasm, and moving the wrong way caused nearly unbearable pain. I had to be driven to RPM; I could not really walk, or drive. Dr. Sage asked some key questions before the massage and listened very carefully. She was oh-so-patient as it took forever to situate my body on the table. Like watching paint dry! We did not know the root cause of the pain and … [Read more...]

Wanda the Massage Therapist

wanda the massage therapist

Funny massage video: An oldie but goodie … [Read more...]