5 Reasons Why Women Are Losing The Battle Against Gravity.

Breast implants can accelerate this problem

The Position From Which You Hold Your Body Upright Against Gravity In Standing And Sitting Is Your Posture! Poor Posture Can Make You Look Older! Modern society has us sitting at desks and using computers for extended periods of time; these and other factors bring our bodies out of alignment. In our massage business posture is the very first thing we look at when assess our clients. And even before, we introduce ourselves, we have watched the way you walked into our facility, the way you sat in our lobby and we even looked at your facial expressions. These clues can give us a ton … [Read more...]

Treating Muscle Imbalances With Corrective Exercises Part 1

Treating muscle imbalances with corrective exercises

Muscle Imbalances and Poor Posture in the Body are Caused by Misuse! "Treating Muscle Imbalances With Corrective Exercises Part 2" Muscle imbalances not only cause pain but they can negatively influence your overall health, wellbeing and postural alignment. Poor posture as a result of muscle imbalances causes extra stress on your muscles, tendons, joints and does not sufficiently support your internal organs. This is a very important consideration especially for women who have had children close together or have had a Cesarean section. Muscle imbalances in the body occur when certain … [Read more...]

Tension Neck Pain – Why Taking Tylenol Won’t Help

No tylenol for muscle imbalances it won't help

Do you wear your shoulders for earrings? This is a common issue with individuals who work on a computer with their shoulders "hiked-up". Over a period of time this becomes a learned position, your muscles become stuck and will not be able to do the job or function that they're supposed to do - contract and relax. When a muscle is static or "stuck" -- that is, when its not regularly relaxed and contracted over the course of a day, there is a shortage in the blood flow to that muscle. And its just a matter of time before, your  muscles will begin to react to the changing amount of nutrients … [Read more...]